Practice Areas

Employment Discrimination, Wrongful Discharge and Whistleblowing

Mr. Breed has over 25 years of experience representing employees whose right to work in a respectful and dignified environment has been violated. He has an impressive track record of jury verdicts and settlements involving all aspects of employment discrimination law.

Typical cases for which we have significant experience include the following:

Employment Discrimination:

Including discrimination based on race, sex, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, workers compensation claim or if an employer retaliates against an employee for making complaints about discrimination.

Sexual and Racial harassment:

When an employee is subjected to a hostile work environment because of their sex or race or when an employee is required to provide sexual favors to a supervisor.

Disability Discrimination:

This includes the failure to accommodate an employee's disability as well as discrimination against the employee.

Discrimination because of an On-the-Job Injury or Workers Compensation Claim

Including an employer's refusal to reinstate an employee who misses work because of an injury or when an employer retaliates against employees who file claims

Discrimination for Complaints about Pay or Working Conditions:

Such as retaliation against an employee for making complaints about unpaid wages or for having complained to OSHA about unsafe working conditions.

Common Law Wrongful Discharge:

Such as when an employee is fired in violation of important public policies or for pursuing private statutory rights related to their roles as employees.


Firing or retaliation because an employee has reported illegal practices by his or her employer.

Family and Medical Leave:

Including failure to provide medical leave for a serious health condition or refusal to give the employee his or her job back after returning from leave or retaliation against an employee for taking a medical leave or a leave to care for a sick parent or child.

Mr. Breed has represented hundreds of people in employment discrimination cases in the State and Federal courts, before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board and the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. Many cases are resolved without litigation either by privately negotiated settlement or through formal mediation.

Representation in employment discrimination cases is generally on a contingent fee basis, depending on the nature of your case. This means that you are not charged any attorney fees until money is recovered from the employer and the fee is a percentage of the amount recovered. The client remains responsible for expenses incurred as part of the litigation such as the court's filing fees or the cost of issuing subpoenas or having the sherif serve papers on the opposing party. Sometimes it is necessary to charge hourly fees or flat fees. This will be discussed with you at the time of the initial consultation. Please feel free to ask any questions about fees at that time.

If you have encountered any of the situations discussed above, we may be able to help. Please call us at (503) 226-1403.


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